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05/24/2019Micro-Cameras and Space Exploration to join Pioneer-IODA project
Space cameras to monitor the deployment of satellites and check the health of spacecraft will be developed under the Pioneer-IODA project by Micro-Cameras and Space Exploration based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
09/15/2017Earth through different eyes
In the 1960s, photographs of Earth taken by the first astronauts captured the imaginations of people across the world. The pictures not only became icons for space exploration, but also the fragility of our planet. But astronauts were not the only one...
09/16/2016Zachary Burkland, Small Business Innovation Research: Podcast
Sept. 14, 2016 - A conversation with Zachary Burkland, Business Manager with the Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) office.
11/03/2016Sentinel satellites reveal east–west shift in Italian quake
New information on the effects of the 30 October earthquake that struck central Italy continues to emerge as scientists analyse radar scans from satellites.
07/03/2005Deep Impact Successfully Releases Impactor
02/09/2010Spitzer Goes to the Olympics
Artwork inspired by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope is making an appearance at this year's Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.
03/08/2019ESA joins with business to invent the future of navigation
The only thing more remarkable than how all of us are walking around with space-grade navigation capability and atomic clock timing precision in our pockets is how much we take all of this for granted. Satellite navigation has changed our lives, trigg...
03/19/2009The PI&rsquos Perspective: One-Third Down
On the mission flight-time calendar, New Horizons is exactly one-third of the way through its journey to Pluto. New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern provides a mission update and ponders something for the next big milestone: just where (or when) is the halfway point in this historic voyage?
03/19/2018ESA testing detection of floating plastic litter from orbit
The millions of tonnes of plastic ending up in the oceans every year are a global challenge. ESA is responding by looking at the detection of marine plastic litter from space, potentially charting its highest concentrations and understanding the gigan...
06/10/2010Model Helps Search for Moon Dust Fountains
- Fountains of electric dust may be responsible for a mysterious glow seen on the lunar horizon during the Apollo 17 and other missions.
11/16/2009Team Prepares to Uplink Commands to Spirit
Team Prepares to Uplink Commands to Spirit. Today (Monday, Nov. 16), driving commands are being prepared to instruct Spirit to attempt to drive forward.
03/10/2009Rebooting Postponed
07/19/2017New Horizons Team Strikes Gold in Argentina
08/05/2010Seen from Space : Tuvalu: Islands in Danger of Submerging
03/22/2017First Steps Toward High-speed Space ‘Internet’
March 22, 2017 - NASA is developing a trailblazing, long-term technology demonstration of what could become the high-speed internet of the sky. Laser communication offers data rates that are 10 to 100 times better than current radio-frequency systems.
11/18/2010NASA Mars Rover Images Honor Apollo 12
> NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has visited and photographed two craters informally named for the spacecraft that carried men to the moon 41 years ago this week.
10/29/2009Stardust: A Mission With Many Scientific Surprises
01/09/2017Atlanta Students to Speak to NASA Astronaut on Space Station
Jan. 9, 2017 - Students at The Lovett School in Atlanta will have the opportunity to speak with a NASA astronaut living and working aboard the International Space Station at 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday, Jan. 10. The 20-minute, Earth-to-space call will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.
06/18/2003Rosetta Stone Decodes Gamma-Ray Burst Mystery&rarr
- Scientists have pieced together the key elements of a gamma-ray burst, from star death to dramatic black hole birth, thanks to a "Rosetta stone" found on March 29, 2003.
05/23/2019Clocks, gravity, and the limits of relativity
The International Space Station will host the most precise clocks ever to leave Earth. Accurate to a second in 300 million years the clocks will push the measurement of time to test the limits of the theory of relativity and our understanding of gravi...
11/28/2009Operations and Experiments in the International Space Station (November 30-December 6, 2009)
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