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03/16/2018Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)
ESA is saddened by the news of the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking, FRS, cosmologist and one of the pioneers of theoretical studies of black holes, on 14 March at the age of 76.
10/11/2016Hubble Detects Giant 'Cannonballs' Shooting from Star
Oct. 6, 2016 - Hubble detected superhot blobs of gas ejected from a dying star so fast it would take only 30 minutes for them to travel from Earth to the moon.
12/28/2011Powerful Pixels: Mapping the "Apollo Zone"
- For NASA researchers, pixels are precious data that help us understand where we came from, where we've been, and where we're going.
02/08/2012NASA Mission Takes Stock of Earth's Melting Land Ice
> A new comprehensive University of Colorado-led study used gravity data from NASA's Grace mission to calculate how much Earth's melting land ice is adding to global sea level.
06/16/2010Distance Bridged by Interest in Space Exploration
- Last month, the distance between two continents was narrowed when space enthusiasts from the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) in Cape Town, South Africa, participated in a rover exercise with NASA’s Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.
11/01/2010Cassini Sees Saturn Rings Oscillate Like Mini-Galaxy
10/26/2017Dawn Finds Possible Ancient Ocean Remnants at Ceres
Ceres' crust as we see it today, with its mixture of ice, salts and hydrated materials, represents most of the dwarf planet's ancient ocean, scientists say.
11/12/2009Satellites Tune Into a Middleweight Black Hole
Astronomers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center find that an X-ray source in galaxy NGC 5408 represents one of the best cases for a middleweight black hole to date.
02/14/2017Hubble sees Massive Comet Pollute White Dwarf Atmosphere
Feb. 8, 2017 - Hubble observed a massive object with the makeup of a comet being ripped apart and scattered in the atmosphere of a white dwarf.
12/09/2010NASA Selects Boeing For Advanced Aircraft Vehicle Concepts
- NASA has awarded a third contract for studies designed to identify advanced concepts for airliners that could enter service in 2025, fly with less noise, cleaner exhaust and lower fuel consumption.
03/20/2009MDRS Crew 78 Final Commander Report
If interplanetary colonization is to be possible, humanity needs to learn as much as possible about how to rise to the challenges involved. One way to achieve this is, of course, through simulations. Our crew, the 78th in the Mars Desert Research Station simulation, was intensively international, composed of 2 Canadians (Kathryn Denning, Vincent Beaudry), 2 Americans (Judah Epstein, Grier Wilt), one Belgian (Dirk Geeroms) and one Indian (Balwant Rai). None of us had met before, and joining together to overcome language barriers and explore cultural differences provided us with an intense intercultural experience, surely akin to those which will be a part of future space exploration.
11/10/2009NASA Nobel Laureate Presents "The Story of the Universe"
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center presents a new interactive feature: “The Story of the Universe,? a video lecture by NASA scientist and 2006 Nobel laureate Dr. John Mather.
10/07/2016NASA's Opportunity Rover to Explore Mars Gully
NASA's Opportunity Mars rover will drive down a gully carved long ago by a fluid that might have been water, according to the latest plans for the mission.
02/17/2011Hubble Shows New Image of Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope reveals a majestic disk of stars and dust lanes in this view of the spiral galaxy NGC 2841, which lies 46 million light-years...(
07/21/2016Cassini Significant Events 07/13/16 - 07/19/16
The gas giant planets Jupiter and Saturn seem like miniature solar systems. Indeed, studying them offers clues to scientists about how our solar system, and systems about other stars, were formed. Cassini has been providing one of many perspectives on exploration of the solar system, as discussed in a news feature released this week.
05/12/2011Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Names 2010 Best Inventions: Medical and National Security Breakthroughs Share Top Honors
06/03/2010KIKU No.8 completed regular operation phase
08/07/2013Juno Position & Status
Position and status info for Juno as of Aug. 8, 2013
05/21/2009X PRIZE & BT Gather World's Top Minds for Interactive Conference to Drive Innovative, Bottom-line Business Solutions
03/09/2018BepiColombo gets green light for launch site
Europe’s first mission to Mercury will soon be ready for shipping to the spaceport to begin final preparations for launch.
08/02/2010Kepler Science Status
- Statement to Ames Center Director
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