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11/16/2018Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
It may not be your actual Superman, but participants to ESA’s ɸ-week are certainly embracing some ‘superhero’ ideas for the future of Earth observation, including high-flying platforms – something between a satellite and an aircraft.
05/24/2017Sentinel-2 captures coral bleaching of Great Barrier Reef
Scientists observed the bleaching of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef early this year using satellite images. While capturing these events from space has been difficult in the past, Sentinel-2’s frequent revisits and its resolution makes it possible.
08/22/2016NASA TV to Air US Spacewalk, Briefing
Aug. 22, 2016 - On Sept. 1, two NASA astronauts will spacewalk outside the International Space Station for the second time in less than two weeks.
09/15/2016Some Ancient Mars Lakes Came Long After Others
Lakes and snowmelt-fed streams on Mars formed much later than previously thought possible, according to new findings using data primarily from a NASA orbiter.
11/02/2009Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE to Receive up to $5.5 Million in Funding from U.S. Department of Energy
04/19/2010Obama's Failure to Launch
The following statement by Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin appears in today's New York Daily News. With the permission of the Daily News, we reprint it in its entirety here.
09/14/2018New kid on the block picks up relay for ozone
For more than 20 years, changes in ozone over Antarctica have been carefully monitored by a succession of European satellites. This important long-term record is now being added to by the Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission, which is dedicated to atmospher...
04/20/2009Soyuz TMA-15: Space Q&A
10/02/2017Galileo pair arrives in French Guiana
Europe’s next two Galileo navigation satellites have touched down in Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana ahead of the launch of a quartet by Ariane 5 at the end of this year.
06/29/2010Engineers Assess Dawn's Reaction Wheel
> Engineers are studying the reaction wheels on NASA's Dawn spacecraft after automatic sensors detected excess friction building up in one of them.
11/07/2009Shipment of First Two Soyuz to French Guiana
03/26/2009Asteroid Tracked in Space, Its Remains Recovered on Earth
05/15/2017Inmarsat-5 Flight 4
On May 15, 2017, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket successfully delivered the Inmarsat-5 F4 satellite to a Geostationary Transfer Orbit.
09/07/2010Rocket City Space Pioneers Enter $30 Million Google Lunar X PRIZE Competition
02/06/2017Queen Elizabeth Prize Honors Digital Imaging Pioneers
Eric Fossum receives the world's most prestigious engineering prize for leading a JPL team that developed breakthrough imaging technology in the 1990s.
12/20/2010Galileo’s navigation control hub opens in Fucino
Galileo’s terrestrial nerve centre formally entered service today. With the first Galileo satellites due to be launched next August, Fucino in central Italy will oversee the running of all the navigation services provided by Europe’s global satellite system.
07/20/2009“Moon 2.0? Inspiring the Next Generation of Lunar Explorers
12/09/2016NASA Juno Mission Completes Latest Jupiter Flyby
NASA's Juno mission completed a close flyby of Jupiter on Sunday, Dec. 11, its latest science orbit of the mission.
06/08/2010Yasuyuki Fukumuro, Practical Application of Space-Based Solar Power Generation
11/14/2018UNICEF and ɸ: Earth observation and innovation for the most vulnerable
Every day, UNICEF works to help children that are victims of poverty, disease, conflict, migration and more. These problems are not only tragic, but also extremely complex. To further improve the way it works, UNICEF is taking a non-traditional approa...
12/10/2009Suzaku Catches Retreat of a Black Hole's Disk
In the system GX339-4, a sun-sized star orbits a black hole.
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