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10/15/2019ExoMars parachute progress
Positive steps towards solving the problems discovered with the ExoMars mission parachutes have been taken in the last month to keep on track for the July-August 2020 launch window.
03/01/2018Mars Express views moons set against Saturn's rings
New images and video from ESA’s Mars Express show Phobos and Deimos drifting in front of Saturn and background stars, revealing more about the positioning and surfaces of the Red Planet’s mysterious moons.
11/03/2016Schiaparelli crash site in colour
New high-resolution images taken by a NASA orbiter show parts of the ExoMars Schiaparelli module and its landing site in colour on the Red Planet.
12/05/2016Vega lofts Turkey’s Earth observation satellite
Arianespace today launched a Vega rocket on a commercial mission to deliver a Turkish Earth observation satellite into orbit.
08/11/2009The Mars Quarterly Needs You!
The Mars Quarterly has received outstanding reviews in its first year. As we endeavor to improve quality, we have a need to expand our editorial team to include volunteers who have copyediting/proofreading experience and have a background in space science, earth science, exobiology, biology, chemistry and/or physics.
12/30/2009Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Spirit Perseveres Struggles, Opportunity Digs Marquette Island and We Look Back
07/11/2019Vega Flight VV15 failure: Arianespace and ESA appoint an independent inquiry commission
Arianespace announced today, 11 July, 2019, the failure of Flight VV15 carrying the FalconEye1 satellite. This was the first Vega failure after 14 successful launches in a row since being introduced at the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana in 2012.
03/05/2009The Republic of Ingushetia and Roscosmos will Introduce Space Products and Services Together
09/28/2018New Horizons Team Rehearses for New Year's Flyby
03/11/2010Cassini Data Show Ice and Rock Mixture Inside Titan
11/30/2009Scientists Explain Puzzling Lake Asymmetry on Titan
03/05/2009NASA's Mars Rover Spirit Faces Circuitous Route
Loose soil piled against the northern edge of a low plateau has blocked Spirit from taking the shortest route toward its southward destinations for the upcoming Martian summer and following winter.
12/14/2017Mars upside down
Which way is up in space? Planets are usually shown with the north pole at the top and the south pole at the bottom. In this remarkable image taken by ESA’s Mars Express, the Red Planet is seen with north at the bottom, and the equator at the top.
07/08/2010H-IIA Launch Vehicle, JAXA Astronauts, Pamphlet revision
05/15/2017Inmarsat-5 Flight 4
On May 15, 2017, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket successfully delivered the Inmarsat-5 F4 satellite to a Geostationary Transfer Orbit.
09/24/2010NASA Awards Contract For Earth And Space Science Support
- NASA has selected Earth Resources Technology Inc. Laurel, Md., to provide proposal evaluations, assessments and studies supporting NASA Earth and space science programs and missions.
10/23/2009Undergrad Proposal Deadline Nears for NASA Reduced Gravity Flights
- The deadline is fast-approaching for undergraduate students to submit their team proposals to NASA's Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program.
02/08/2017NASA Studies a Rarity: Growing Louisiana Deltas
A NASA study of two growing Louisiana deltas can help scientists better understand how coastal wetlands will respond to global sea level rise.
07/13/2010Small Solar Power Sail Demonstrator 'IKAROS' Confirmation of Photon Acceleration
09/27/2019Ariane 6’s core engine completes qualification tests
Ariane 6, Europe's next-generation launch vehicle, has passed another key development milestone. Its Vulcain 2.1 liquid-fuelled engine has now completed its qualification testing, which means combined tests can now begin.
10/27/2009NASA Hosts Evolution of Astrobiology Lecture
- Astrobiologists searching for life in the universe, believe that Darwin’s vision of natural selection promises to profoundly alter and expand the notion of life and its origins.
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