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07/16/2019To the Moon – down south
Half a century ago humans stepped on the Moon for the first time in a set of sorties that awed the world. Over the years since we have explored our Solar System with robotic scouts and established a permanent human presence in space with the Internati...
11/07/2017Stressed seedlings in space
Life on Earth has a myriad of problems, but gravity isn’t one of them – staying grounded means organisms can soak up the light and heat that enables growth.
10/20/2016Cassini sees dramatic seasonal changes on Titan
As winter comes to the southern parts of Saturn's moon Titan, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has been following dramatic seasonal changes in the temperature and composition of the atmosphere there.
11/23/2016Early warning from space of homes on the slide
It was a literal property crash: multiple homes in the Cármenes del Mar resort on the south coast of Spain were engulfed in a landslide, leaving families homeless. But satellite archives offer early warning of such events – and now more accessible tha...
10/17/2007Stardust Prepares for "Bake" Maneuver
01/14/2010Fault Responsible for Haiti Quake Slices Island's Topography
The fault responsible for the Jan. 12 magnitude 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti is visible in images created using NASA radar topography data acquired in 2000.
06/04/2019New era for New Norcia deep space antenna
The 35-m deep space antenna in New Norcia, Western Australia, is being looked after by a new team, led for the first time by a female site manager, Suzy Jackson.
07/20/2018The True Colors of Pluto and Charon
04/22/2010Observation Results of ALOS/PALSAR Relating to the Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake in Qinghai, China, 2010
11/20/2009Popular Science and Popular Mechanics Magazines Honor Kepler
NASA's planet-hunting Kepler space telescope has earned the 2009 Best of What's New Grand Award from Popular Science and a 2009 Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics.
03/07/2009Major Operations and Experiments in the International Space Station ( March 9-16, 2009)
10/16/2017ESA takes the reins of the Disasters Charter
When disaster strikes, a group of international space agencies pools its resources and expertise to support relief efforts on the ground. For the next six months, ESA will be leading the International Charter Space and Major Disasters as it brings inf...
07/20/2010Asteroid Explorer 'HAYABUSA' (MUSES-C) Commencement of Particles Collection
04/17/2017Glacier Shape Influences Susceptibility to Melting
April 17, 2017 - Just how prone a glacier is to thinning depends on its thickness and surface slope, features that are influenced by the landscape under the glacier.
10/20/2010Call for media: reacting to threat of asteroid impacts
ESA PR 24-2010 How would the world react to the threat of an asteroid impact? The media are invited to meet top-level experts at ESA's space operations centre in Germany on 29 October to find out more.
09/29/2009MESSENGER's Third Gravity Assist Successful, But "Safe Mode" Interrupts Science
01/31/2017NASA Sees Fires Still Dotting U.S. Southeast
Jan. 31, 2017 - This image from January 30, 2017, shows that the fires in the southeastern U.S. have not abated.
06/29/2010Mars Camp is Coming to the Convention!
This year we are pleased to present Mars Camp! It is designed to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education and will include flight simulators, hands-on displays and special guest speakers -- all aimed at educating and inspiring the next generation of space explorers. So bring your family with you to this year’s convention and share your passion for humans to Mars
07/16/2019Gaia starts mapping our galaxy’s bar
The first direct measurement of the bar-shaped collection of stars at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy has been made by combining data from ESA’s Gaia mission with complementary observations from ground- and space-based telescopes.
11/13/2009NASA Technology Spinoffs Art Contest Winner
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is recognizing award-winning artwork honoring NASA Spinoff technology that was used to restore the Statue of Liberty.
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