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05/24/2019Micro-Cameras and Space Exploration to join Pioneer-IODA project
Space cameras to monitor the deployment of satellites and check the health of spacecraft will be developed under the Pioneer-IODA project by Micro-Cameras and Space Exploration based in Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland.
05/23/2019Clocks, gravity, and the limits of relativity
The International Space Station will host the most precise clocks ever to leave Earth. Accurate to a second in 300 million years the clocks will push the measurement of time to test the limits of the theory of relativity and our understanding of gravi...
05/23/2019A unique experiment to explore black holes
What happens when two supermassive black holes collide? Combining the observing power of two future ESA missions, Athena and LISA, would allow us to study these cosmic clashes and their mysterious aftermath for the first time.
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