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01/23/2019Winning ideas for 3D printing on the Moon
While studying lunar base concepts ESA ran a competition, asking: what would you 3D print on the Moon, to make it feel like home? Responses came from all across the globe, and now two winners have been selected, both with ideas linked to nature.
01/18/2019Compete in a lunar economy
Sign up to the Metalysis–ESA Grand Challenge worth €500000 rewarding innovation that helps us to explore space.
01/17/2019ExoMars software passes ESA Mars Yard driving test
Navigation software destined for the ExoMars 2020 mission to the Red Planet has passed a rover-based driving test at ESA’s ‘Mars Yard’.
01/17/2019Join the #AuroraHunters
It’s difficult to comprehend the size and sheer power of our Sun, a churning ball of hot gas 4.6 billion years old and 1.3 million times larger than Earth, which emits solar wind — the constant stream of electrons, protons and atomic particles — and r...
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